Laptop or PC doesnt recognize my printer via USB cabble

Hello Sebastien,
Thanks for the firmware,
i think i succesfully flashed my LCD on my Balco 3D Touch printer.
But for the mainboard i need to plug in my usb cabble.
But my pc or even laptop doesnt recognize my printer anymore.
is it possible to flash the mainboard with an SD card?

Or what can i do?

Bart Preuveneers

No, this is not possible.

Are you sure the LCD panel is properly connected to the printer and that the cable between the two is not damaged or has moved a little in its sockets?

yes it looks like everything is working,
the lcd works on 4.0.6. but when i plug my usb cable in on my windows 10 laptop the laptop doesnt recognize the printer, so i cant flash the mainboard.

Can you explain a little more?

“the lcd works on 4.0.6”: how do you see that. What do you see exactly on the screen?

“the laptop doesnt recognize the printer”: how do you see that? What do you use to connect to the printer from your laptop.

Please provide information, otherwise, it is too difficult to help you.

I use cura 2.7 to connect with the printer, but i tried all versions and i get no connection, ADVi3++
This is what i see on my LCD

And this is what i see in Cura

In control panel there stands USB2.0-Serial but i can not update the driver

Er is geen verbinding met de printer means There is no connection with the printer.

What does this mean exactly?

Are you directly connected to the printer or do you use OctoPrint (since I see OctoPrint in your screenshot)?

(if you have OctoPrint, it could help troubleshooting the problem)

I have Cura,
do you prefer octoprint?

Cura and OctoPrint are completely different. OctoPrint does not replace Cura, they work together. If you do not have it already, do not install it.

What does it mean? A screenshot please.

oh ok, i was installing it, but i quit it.

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If the USB driver is not installed (if you stop the installation), it can’t work.

so i better continue installing octoprint?

What? No, don’t install OctoPrint. What you need is to fix your driver problem.

ok tnx.
but i doesnt get it,
i do not have any drivers of the Balco 3d Touch HE180021.
Or do you think it is the driver from the PC and Laptop that gives the problem?
Because when i plug a normal paper printer everything works on plug and play.
I also tried to update the drivers by clicking the right mousebutton and select update drivers. But there were no drivers found.


Probably not. But now, without a proper driver, it will not work so this is the first thing to solve. Normally, the driver installs without any problem because Windows knows how to install it. But I assume you have done something and now, Windows is a little bit lost. Probably because you stopped the installation.

So you have to install the driver manually. So please follow this article:

Tnx Sebastien!!
CH341SER.EXE Fixt my problem!