Jerk resets before printing

Trying to set the jerk value for X and Y to 8.00 from 30.00
Every time i start a print it resets the value to 30.00
I cannot print because of layer skipping.

Can you give some context? Which printer, which version of ADVi3++, etc?

It is a Wanhao i3 Plus MK2 board version 5.4
Software verison 4.0.6
Slicers are CURA and Prusa Slicer

The issue:
I set the Jerk values for X and Y from 30.0 to 8.00
Start the print, it fails.
I check the jerk values again and they are back at 30.0

I have tried this over and over again but the values keep resetting

I will check.

I have checked and Jerks are saved and used correctly in version 4.0.6. But in fact, I do not understand why you have so high jerk values. Those are not the defaults. What have you done exactly to get those values? Anyway I recommend that you reset your settings to default.

Did the factory reset, everything looked good
Jerk - 8.0
Acceleration - 1000

Start print, skips steps, stop print
Jerk - 20.0
Acceleration - 9000

Are you sure you do not have a mix of versions? You have flashed both LCD and mainboard parts with version 4.0.6?


How do you print exactly? With a SD card, from USB directly, from OctoPrint, etc.?

I am using a SD card, trying out via USB now

USB print kept the settings in place but Y axis driver is gone. cant test further

What does mean?

My y Axis is no longer moving, i think the board has developed a fault

I think you have unfortunately some hardware issues. The behaviors you see and the change of behaviors are so strange. Never heard of such issues.

Interesting. My Dad had the same issue (minus the Y axis part) running 4.0.3 on a Cocoon Create Touch. It was also resetting X/Y jerk to a value of 30 each print. I will find out how (or if) he resolved it.

It sounds like you have an M205 command in your ‘start gcode’ which is setting the value at the start of each print.
So, remove any M205 commands in the slic3r gcode section,
And at the command prompt: run an M205 with the correct value, then an M500 to save settings.

Sebastien, default values are 8 for X/Y jerk, right? (Default Settings)
I think MuffinFuzz is suggesting that they keep resetting to 30 without intervention (not the desired 8).

I checked the start (and end) G-code for any commands that may adjust the jerk but found nothing. We ended up resolving our issue (of the X/Y jerk resetting to 20) by upgrading firmware to 4.0.6 and so far we’ve 6 prints with no issues. Perhaps try another re-flash @MuffinFuzz?

What sort of hardware issue would cause the jerk parameters to be modified?

Thank you for all your hard work @andrivet. I appreciate it.

I was talking about this:

My y Axis is no longer moving, i think the board has developed a fault

The hardware issues were due to me constantly trying to adjust the Y axis skipping steps, thats how i found out the jerk settings were reverting as soon as a print started/finished.

I would set them to 6, 8 or 10. then when the print was finishied/cancelled the settings reverted back to 20 or 30.

I’m still waiting on a replacement board so i can test further but i believe that the issue is software based. I used different slicers and got the same reset value issues.

Yes, I think so also from your description. It look like the version put on the LCD is not the same than the version on the mainboard. As I have moved around some controls on the LCD screens, they take the values of other controls in your case. This is my guess.