Issues calibrating eSteps

I just flashed ADVi3++ and am super confused when tuning the extruder. I am only getting like 30 or 40mm of filament to extrude before it stops. It that right? Do I really need to input like 80mm? seems like something else has to be wrong! Would really appreciate any help. Thanks!

Have you reset the settings? What are the current values of steps (under Settings / Motors / Steps)? What kind of gear do you have? Is your printer modified?

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So sorry! I wasn’t sure what info was needed.

I have a Monoprice Maker Select Plus v2. The step values are:
x: 80, y: 80, z: 400, e:93

It is using the stock extruder and nozzle. Only modifications are a Diicooler, Z brace, y carriage upgrade, glass plate with PEI, etc. Nothing has been changed on the motor and extruder.

I just reset the settings and tuned eSteps again and had the same result. I’m measuring around 92mm right now after it extrudes and finishes.

It is always needed (parts of the rules of this forum).

This is the default value.

Is your measurement reproductible? It may depend of the filament but only if (for example), the speed of extrusion is too high or the temperature is too low. So I recommend to try with another filament and a slightly higher temperature to see. Then, to try with the value you get and try again. At some point, it must “converge” around a value.

I also recommend to check the gear to see if it is damaged or if there is plastic stuck on it.

As an alternative, you can try with the default value and print a calibration cube (for example). You will see if you have under or over-extrusion.

You mark my reply as a solution but can you explain a little bit more?

So sorry! There was a small piece of filament stuck in the gear, which you mentioned. Removing that resolved it. I found it odd that it would continuously work and then stop, without me clearing the jam, but apparently that was the culprit. Thank you for the help!

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