Issues after upgrading

Using a monoprice maker select plus. Recently upgraded to ADCi3++ and added a BLTouch. Prior to the upgrades my prints were coming out almost flawless, now all my prints have terrible layering (examples in pics). Have reached out to a few others I know how have done the same upgrades with great results and they advised me to change the jerk and acceleration down which I tried with no/little difference in quality of prints . Nothing on the printer has changed recently. Printing on glass, aluminium Y carriage.20200503_160456 20200503_160515 20200503_160537 20200503_160556 20200503_160607 20200503_160627 20200503_170940 20200503_170951 20200503_170959 1588543673817

This does not look like a jerk or acceleration problem but an under-extrusion one. So maybe you have a partial clog, or your extrusion steps are wrong. You can try the Tuning, Extruder.

I would try replacing the extruder fan. Had a problem with under- extrusion. Extruder fan still running but I gues nit enough power. Replaced the fan with a new one and issue is gone. Just a suggestion. I’m not really an expert.

Good suggestion. I already had this myself in the past.

No fan isn’t the issue. Upgraded everything… upgrade to a flexion hot end and extruder kit, replaced all fans, upgrade thermostat, added silicon bed leveling columns, and added TL-Smoother Plus addon Modules. Also upped the extrusion which helped a tiny bit but still same issue. This only started after I updated the firmware to ADVI3++ prior to this it printed almost perfect.

So you have no more a standard “monoprice maker select plus”. I have never tested such a config, can’t say if ADVi3++ is working for such a config.

Would have been better to list all these modifications in your first message.

When I originally posted these pictures and explained the issue the only modifications I had were a bltouch and the ADVI3++ upgrade which I had just done and then immediately started having this layering issue. Other than that at the time of the op it was completely stock. After upgrading to ADVI3++ and posting these pictures I tried your suggestion of upping the extrusion which made only the tiniest different. After that I accidentally sheered a brass tip off in my heating block and messed up my thermostat wire so decided to upgrade everything I had broke. I upgraded everything yesterday went back releveled everything recalibrate my z axis and did another test print. Was better than stock but still same layering issues as before. I did notice something I can raise my z axis but I can not lower it any longer.

You have to home to be able to lower the z axis after power on.

So with the same firmware, same version, you see some changes when modifying your hardware?

Yes, same firmware same version. I did get slightly better prints from the new hardware and upping my extrusion as you told me too but still worse than stock hardware with stock firmware. Only started having layering issues after I updated the firmware. Hardware hasn’t seem to matter that much. The picture below shows what my layers looked like on stock hardware with stock firmware. Then right after the update and the bltouch upgrade is when my layers just went to junk 20200514_105104

Can you share your gcode (for example for the cube) so I can try on my printer?

0000.gcode (219.4 KB)

Figured it out. Downloaded the new cura and it defaulted me back to .6 layers dropped down to .10 and it prints beautifully now.

Funny how you blamed the firmware first and said it was the only thing you changed. Ended up being something else you changed and forgot to mention xD.