Issue with auto leveling

Upgraded to 5.0.2 all was working well. Left i3 plus with BL to print over night…all still well until I tried to auto level for next print…got to 7th position (back left corner) and BL does not retract when touching bed and nozzle digs into bed until the failed to auto level pops up. Tried to reflash printer, reset printer on LCD function, manually leveled each corner, reset BL touch, the BL seems to work perfectly until it makes it to the 7th position and fails every time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

This very probably a hardware problem. It looks like a loose connection. It happens frequently with Dupont connectors.

I will second this. You can try bending the pins on the connector a bit to get a tighter fit. I also usually tape the two connectors together. Dupont connectors are notorious for being unreliable, especially if there is any movement. They are usually fine on the board end (although check those as well) but much more likely to have intermittent connectivity issues on the hotend side of the connector since that end moves around with the hotend and subject to mechanical loads that can cause intermittent issues.

For a more robust fix, you can also replace the Dupont connectors with a locking JST type plug if you have those handy, or just solder/crimp the sensor pigtail and extension cables together. Just be sure not to swap any cables around.

You called it. Found a similar issue on another topic (speeds thru print without printing )
Also happened once during problem time. Found the multi pin plug on the ribbon cable was loose. replugged and reset machine and all has been as it should. Thanks for the quick response and great website. Very useful info to be found. Been a Patron for quite awhile and well worth it. Thanks again.

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