Is it possible to increase the number of levelling points in the auto bed levelling feature?

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what i asked in the title :slight_smile:

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Yes but you need to compile the firmware yourself. The values to change are GRID_MAX_POINTS_X and GRID_MAX_POINTS_Y in Configuration.h

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I have been wondering about this for some time l, thank you.

Are there many benefits to increasing the number of points checked? I’m assuming the disadvantage to more points is the time taken to beck them all first.

Yes, and it uses more memory which is a precious resource.

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Ah, yes! Obvious, once you said it! How much memory does each point take? I would have thought four integers, plus header/footer?

No, it is more than that since it constructs a mesh.

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Well Scott already asked some of my follow up questions so I have no more questions!

Thank you both :smiley:

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