Is enabling Jerk settings in Cura profile necessary?

Cocoon Create Touch, ADVi3++ 4.0.6, Cura 4.6.1. BLtouch ver3, I am curious whether it is necessary to enable the Jerk settings in the cura profile, the default in the profile at present is 20mms for all except Travel which is 30mms. Does it have a noticieable effect? Does it have a detrimental effect? With it enabled the print head seems to be moving more erratically or that could be my imagination. I had a look at the Jerk settings on the printer and the XY were 20, I dont know if that was influenced by the cura settings but I changed them down to what I understand to be defaults for my printer of 8 for both and disabled jerk in the profile and it does seem to be printing with less jerky motions. Any advice appreciated

As this is not directly related to ADVi3++ but more a question about Cura and 3D printers in general, please ask such question under “Printers Stuff”.

Well I was looking for help , the jerk settings on the printer were not the default figures I was expecting, 20 instead of 8, why is that?
Does the settings on the printer over ride the profile settings.
Using 4.0.6. Is that a valid question? thank you

I am not using Cura so difficult to answer. What do you mean by “Profile settings” in Cura?

I see, it is under “Speed” and disabled by default. So if disabled, the printer will take the values in the firmware. If it is enabled in Cura, the printer will use the settings of Cura.

Thanks for the quick reply, when you say the printer will use the settings of cura, is that why my jerk settings on the printer were 20 for X,Y rather than the 8 it should be by default. As I had not seen the firmware jerk settings I dont know what they originally were thats why I am asking. Not a big deal just curious, I took your advice from another page and changed them to 8 and the print quality improved. Thank you again

You should disable jerk management in the slicer. It is better to let the firmware handle this.
All default settings are documented in the User Manual:

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