I3 Plus, BLtouch on a main board 3.2

I have an i3 Plus that i brought back in 2016.
I upgraded the firmware to “ADVi3pp-Mainboard-51-5.0.2.hex” a month or so back and tis been working flawlessly.
I wanted to add a BL touch but have come unstuck when it came to wiring it in. There is no Zprobe port on the 3.2 main board.
The closest equivalent would be the Aldi Balco but that is the 5.2 board.

Have tried both none the less using the Z probe and neither are a go.
It will also fail on the stow test.

Any idea on where to head from here?

Ohk, did some digging and deep in the documentation I found the Zprobe pin on the micro.
25 PA3 / AD3 Z probe connector (not used) 5.1
Hooked that up directly and she passes the touch Sensor test now.
I can start a bed level, it homes in the centre as I think is expected but fails on the front left probe point.
The search continues

Think I have this nailed down now.
Did a reset of the settings, ran back through the setup things and are looking all go now.

Can please upload here pictures of your mainboard?

Even if you solve your problem, it would be great for me to have pictures of your board. I never heard of a version 3.2 before.

No Problem, If you need any other info just ask.
I pre ordered this printer way back, so I got a very early version which might explain a bit

Image from iOS (22)
Image from iOS (26)
Image from iOS (25)
Image from iOS (24)
Image from iOS (23)

Yes, it looks like a preliminary version of the 5.1 mainboard. There are small differences.

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