I3 MK2 With Inductive Sensor

My Inductive sensor seems to be very inaccurate, i heat the bed and the chamber so the conditions are always the same. then i calibrate Z height, it probes 3 times and then i adjust the Z height wary carefully and save the offset. Then when i start to print it again probes 3 times and starts to print somewhere between the set layer height or up to 2 MM heigher that the set Z height. Is my sensor Faulty or is the Inductive sensor just that inaccurate?

Inductive sensors are inaccurate (this is the reason why I am hesitating to support them for Mark I printers). But 2mm seems like a lot. As I am not using such inductive sensor, I do not know if it is normal.

Note: Since it is not directly related to ADVi3++ firmware, I am moving this message.

What is the color of your sensor? Orange or Blue? I remember that Wanhao had problem with a model of sensor (blue I think) and they exchange them to orange ones. Not 100% sure but it is what I remember.

It is the orange one. Ok Thanks for the response. I will just wait until I,m confident enough in my tinker abilities to install a BL touch.

Important: Currently, I am not releasing source code or binaries for Mark II and BLTouch.

Also capacitive sensors are better than inductive. Not sure of what you actually have.

Definitely inductive, Only senses metal. :wink: