How to adjust bed size

ich upgraded the extruder to a bondtech style extruder. I wanted to test the new extruder, but first I had to do a calibration run. The BL Touch measured the first points, but then, the extruder hit the right tower. From this moment, the calibration run only measures the first point and then shows error. Set to factory settings doesn´t fix that issue, I think there was a bad thing stored in the firmware. I think I have to flash the firmware again and then set the bed to 190mm instead of 200mm, to not hit the right tower. The new extruder is about 10mm thicker than the original one. But where can I set the bed size?

This is only possible by changing X_BED_SIZE in Configuration.h and recompile your own version.

Oh damn, how can I do that. I am cempletely new in compiling software.

You can also try using a pancake motor for the extruder. I have a 23mm tall stepper for the extruder that just barely misses colliding with the right tower and lets me use the whole bed without having to re-compile. If you do replace the extruder pay special attention to the pinout and make sure you wire it up correctly since you risk burning out the driver if you short the phases. I used this stepper ( but had to re-wire the connector. Also not sure if you’ve gotten this far, but if you are using a geared BMG type extruder you will need to reverse the direction of the motor by either swapping the phases or recompiling. I’ve had no issues using the smaller stepper with a geared extruder. As a bonus it shaves some weight off compared to the original motor. I should also note that I’m using a custom printed housing (Bondtech BMG for the Cocoon Create Touch by dkselw - Thingiverse) for the extruder, not the original BMG housing.

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