Hotend Temp Runaway when plugging in USB

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I have a monoprice knock off of the wanhao duplicator i3 plus, few upgrades here and there. I have recently upgrade to the ADVi3++ on this machine and noticed when plugging in a USB cable to a PC or rPI (octoprint) the hot end starts heats up and runs away with out control. I am unable to stop the heat up in octoprint or the LCD interface directly, until the USB is disconnected.

any thoughts? thanks in advance

This is caused by a hardware problem with your printer. Don’t see how it can be due to the firmware. A short somewhere?

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thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

maybe a short, yet not giving that indication. sorry for my misleading statement, I agree it does not seem firmware related, i just noticed it for the first time after the firmware upgrade. each function of the 3d printer seemed to work without error, both before (on orig. firmware) and after (on ADVi3++), it’s just only when i plug in the USB, does it runaway.

thought about this after i posted. i picked up this particular printer of craigslist, and noted when plugging in via USB the first time to upgrade the firmware thru Cura, it did not use the same drivers as my other similar 3d printers and needed to install an older version of the driver (CH341SER i think) to get it to recognize. perhaps that could be the issue?

i’ve ordered a new mainboard to test. hopefully that will solve it

It is a hardware issue very likely. It is not related to the firmware or the drivers.

Maybe you have a short at the level of the LCD panel. I assume you have removed it to flash it. Maybe there were something going wrong when you put it back?

Since this issue is not related to ADVi3++, I move it into an appropriate category.

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Also be sure you do not have a ground problem. It could be dangerous if you have one. Is the other side of the USB cable a desktop or a laptop? Is the metal part of the printer correctly connected to ground?

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thanks again for the feedback, much appreciated. l’ll check out the LCD and ground again just in case. i’ll report back once the new mainboard comes in, or the LCD\ground check fixes it

Could your problem be related to this?

Try putting a USB hub in between the PC and the printer.

sorry for delay, life happened. ended up swapping out the USB cable and it went it away. I tried replicating it but couldn’t. I suspect I used a older USB cables, now recycled and replace with new ones.

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