Hot end temp calibration?

my hot end is only 135 degrees but the touch display reads 200 during the PID tuning. I can’t seems to locate how to calibrate the thermistor readings.

the thermistor was replaced with a screw in Amazon brand listed as for the PowerSpec Duplicator i3 Plus

Did you adjust your firmware for the new thermistor, compile and upload it ?

There are different types of thermistors that may be causing this.

No. I’m not that savvy in how to adjust the firmware. I have the 100K 3950 that the specifics call for in the advi3 manual.
I have tried 3 different brand of thermistors and get the same result on them all.
I’m not sure how I would know what setting to calibrate to in the firmware even if I knew how to find it in the file.
Thanks for any assistance.

The parameter is TEMP_SENSOR_0 in Configuration.h.
Then you have to follow the instructions to build from the sources.

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