Help changing fw thermistor value

Hi all,
Can I get some help changing the thermistor type in the fw? I changed to a screwin type and read that the value needs to be changed.

Can you post a link to the exact thermistor you purchased? Typically it needs to be a 100K NTC, but there are many specific types, each with their own response curve.

Once we have that, we can see if it is electrically the same as the stock one. If so, Great! No change needed. If not, you’re looking at editing the source and recompiling the firmware to reflect the new hardware.


You have to change the thermistor in Configuration.h:

#define TEMP_SENSOR_0 1

For example, replace 1 by 11. Be sure to set the value indicated in the documentation of the new thermistor.

Then you can compile the sources. It is explained in the Build ADVi3++ from Sources article.