Help att update duplicator i3 plus

hi ,i try to update my wanhao duplicator i3 plus,
i download version 4.0.5, both lcd and firmavare,i update with cura and lcd with 8gb sd kort,but in the end of all thet its coming messige att somhing whch is now in eeeprom its not compabitily with firmavare,whaty i do wrong and can some helpme,i am new here so sory if i write on wrong place and sorry for my bad english

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There is nothing wrong. It just says that the settings will be reset since you are installing a firmware that is incompatible.

what in can to do

what i can to do now ,which version is compability

i tray even with version 4.0.6,fron here with lcd and firmavare,but its same.

Again, there is nothing wrong. This is normal. Press the icon to continue.

no i can not ,when i press the icon,nothing hepend

It is probably a problem with your cable between the LCD panel and the mainboard.

Let me know if you still have problems.

i whait for new cabel

Maybe it is not the cable itself. I may have moved into its sockets (either side). Be careful with the connectors, the are very fragile.

is det blue side up en moderboard

Blue side is up, yes

ok,i will try to found det cabel,du you know some place where i can buy ,in sweden i can not found

It is a regular FFC FPC 1mm pitch, 10p, type B (also called type 2). They are available from various places. For example:

But you can probably get some in your country.

i found cabel in my country,is det blu side on cabel on both side,on moderkort and on lcd
my old cabel start lcd just with bluside on motherkort
but new cabel start lcd just on blu side on lcd and moderkort
its not work touch on any solution.

Sorry but I don’t understand what you are saying.

I have new cable now, cable has blue marking on the same side, the original cable has blue marking only on one side, but down I disconnect the new cable, it start lcd but touch does not work, how to connect this cable, is it blu marking on motherboard and on lcd on same side

It looks like you buy a type A (type 1) cable instead of a type B (type 2).

can det bli problems with cable, lcd work, I see menu, it is only touch on lcd that does not work, there may be problems with firmware, I installed 4.0.6 on both, version 5.1