Head starting to low

i have a concoon creat touch that had been working grer under 4.06. updated to latest firmwere and installed good after going thrugh and setting up printer when i start a print it tryes to start 2mm lower than build plate. all leveling works as should and and never hits bed any other time is there somthing i may have missed ot do wrong what info do yous need to help me out thanks

the work aroung i have come up with atm is to change the z off set by +2 than printer working correct

Can you explain exactly what you have done? Do you have a BLTouch or is it a stock printer?

i have bl touch printer is pritty much stock except for bracing and all metal hot end printer had been working purfictley b4 upgrading only really updated to get the x twist tuening.
after setting everything up trying to pring from same setting in cura it drops -2 when gcoad says 0

Have you made the z height tuning after upgrading?

when setting z hight tuening on printer if i mesuer it and it is 3.06 i halfto lie and say it is 1.06 for it to print correctley otherwise head burries intothe bed
i installed the prebuilt firmwere ADVi3pp-Mainboard-51-BLTouch-5.0.2.hex
configered probe xy offset and x twist
configered z hight
opend cura and tryed to repring sothing and when going forfirst layer it drops -2
dubble checked gcode to make sure nothing funny but looks fine to me
unsure what i could of done wrong

It is very difficult for me to understand what you write.
When you said “if i mesuer it and it is 3.06”: how do you measure it?

i go in to z hightn tuening and with the 0.1mm thickness gauges under tip i have to agust it to 3.06mm on the printer but if i save it at that the tip/head will drive into the bed when printing starts
but if i take 2mm away from the 3.06mm so that the tip is sitting way off the bed when setting z hight it is able to print with out hitting the bed.

i tryed reflashing just incase somthing went wrong but an still having the same issue

i have just tryed doing. the z hight tuening on the printer with thickness gaugh 0.1mm under tip and set offset to 3.8mm homing printer works all good i open up pronterface and ran a g1 z0 and the head hits the bed hard i halfto lift z up at least 1.5mm to have the tip not touching bed

Sorry, but I don’t fully understand what you are writing. What “halfto agust” means? Same for “but it I take”. I understand the general meaning, the kind of problem you have but not what you are doing exactly.

Maybe there is something left in the EEPROM. Can you try to reset settings?

i apologies for my spelling and grammar i have dyslexia.

i have reset the eeprom and after setting z hight and x twist the problem was still there
i reset eeprom agen and only set z hight and it prints fine head does not hit bed. than i set the x twist and test print and head hits the bed.
i reset the eeprom agen than only set up the x twist (with out setting z hight) the head hit the bed
so i am able to use the printer as long as a dont set the x twist

on another question is it possable to have the extruder fan turn off once printer has finished and cooled down and well as during probing.

When you set the x twist, do you change the height of the middle point or only of the left and right ones?

It is always better to create a new topic (with an appropriate title) for each question. Otherwise, it is difficult for other people to reach them. Anyway, there are 2 fans. You are talking about which one?

ok so after restting eeprom and setting z hight to .1mm and than setting x twist with out changing the middle one and head still hits the bed when sending g1 z0.
if i send g1 z1.8 the head is sitting .1mm off the bed.
my x twist is set at L .72 M .00 R -.58 and z offset it at -2.23
the problem only seams to be there when i set x twist i dont beleve it is user error

I would think so, but so far nobody has reported such issue, you are the only one. So maybe there is something very particular with your printer. I will try to reproduce your configuration to see if I can understand what is going on.

i am unsure what i could possabley be doing wrong.
i dubble checked over my printer and ajusted z axis to leven it to bed than re done z tuening and made sure x twist were all at 0 done a cupple of prints over night everthing works as should as long as printing small parts due to x twist than i tuened x twist and ran g1 z.2 in center of bed and the head hits.

when i set the x twist i do not ajust center i just make l and r match center and thay are( L 0.3 M 0.0 R -0.4) and z offset is -2.39
i am running a bit of glass as my bed witch it stuck down directley to heat plate

if there is any more info of the printer i can give you to help just let me know thanks

I do not see anything wrong with what you described. So my hypothesis for the moment is a bug in the firmware. But I don’t understand how and why you are the only one reporting such issue.

It is OK, this should not be an issue.

Can you post here you starting gcode (copy-paste) ?

I think the BL touch is the problem. If he says the nozzle goes 2 mm into the bed then the bl touch didnt touch the bedplatform. Also make sure that under “settings” , " sensor " the correct mount of the sensor is selected. If all correct go to “leveling” then manualy adjust the bed, go to " automatic " and let the printer run its course, if settings on display are to your satisfaction then move on to " Z height ". If the BL touch touches the bed correctly u can start adjusting the Z height with a piece of paper, use the offset 10, 5 or 2 to lower the nozzle till it hits the paper and u can barely move it. In a printjob u can also change the Z offset by clicking the cogwheel on the right corner. Still problems? check the wiring on the BL touch. Wiring ok? Check the BL touch itself there should be a small QR code on it. If that is absent u got a malfunctioning clone.

I do not think it is the bltouch as auto leveling is working fined before all my prints except for when setting x twist.
I will set au as you describe agen tonight and past results.
I have also ran bltouch consistency code and was within .06 from memory.
I have set the correct offset for the bltouch aswell

Ok so I tried setting as as described and still having same problem the bltouch is working as should and pritty sure can be ruled out as issue.

I tried to do more testing and will describe as best as can


First I set printer up as described be for but did not set x twist working from printer interface only I ran leveling and than mover head to lowest position and head does not hit. Second I set up x twist but befor I ran the autoleveling I tried to move he’d town to lowest posion and it did not hit but after running autoleveling and moving head down to lowest position it hits the bed.
Unsure Wether this info is at all relevant it is just what I had found