Github LCD Source - No BMP's

Hi, I’m new here. When I first started looking into new firmware for the Cocoon Create Touch I soon realised that its nearly impossible for a lay person to create the LCD image without the .bmp files from the source code. I am curious as to why the .bmp files for the screen are not included in the Github source? I’m not having a go at you, im just curious.

The repository on GitHub contains everything necessary. If it like if you said: “it is nearly impossible for a lay person to create executables from the source code”. Source code contains… source code. BMP files are artifacts generated from the source code, so they have nothing to do in a source repository.

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Without the .bmp there is no functional GUI for the 3D printer. When you open the .hmi file in DGUS from the source the .tft files are linked to .bmp’s but in GitHub these are not there.

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BMP files are generated from the Sketch file.

More precisely: PNG images are generated from the Sketch file (for screens but also for widgets). Then they are converted into BMP3 format (bottom-up images, not regular ones). The scrips I am using to automate that are under Scripts in the GitHub repository. They are however tailored for the environment I am using (i.e. macOS and Sketch app).

Thank you.

What is the proper procedure (steps) to create full LCD image from the source in Windows environment?

I am working on macOS. I have no procedure for other operating systems.

Anyone done that?
If so, can You help me? Curious to try it.