Filament Change Button

I’ve noticed that in the new firmware, there’s now a “change filament” button on the lcd touch screen with the temperature graph and pause/stop/print buttons.

Just wondering how it works. Haven’t tried it yet, but do you hit it, does the print head move to the side, swap filament, and then the print head moves back?

Well, I ran out of filament faster than I thought so I experimented with this. So others know, if you press the button, it operates just like I mentioned above. The print pauses, it moves the print head way out of the way, then it tells you to remove the filament in about 5 seconds, then asks you to load the filament, then it will ask you to press the button again. At this point, it moves the print head back and starts printing again.

I looks like it would really well, I just let the filament get too short so I couldn’t pull it out. I’m not sure if it’s an implementation of advi3++ or Marlin, but if you could add two buttons to this, it would be so much easier for those that are not fast. If there could be a “unload” button and then a “load filament” button, that would be awesome. Maybe it works great as it is, if I just had about an inch of filament sticking out. But unfortunately, I had to take the print head apart since it was flush with the nozzle and beyond the gears in order to fix the issue. If there was a ‘load filament’ button, I was thinking maybe I could get the gears to turn on to force it in, but there wasn’t and couldn’t.

In any case, it’s much better than previous implementations of doing the swap!

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