Factory firmware image (MP Maker Select Plus)

Can someone tell me where to download the factory firmware image for MP Maker Select Plus? I’d like to revert the firmware upgrade for troubleshooting purposes.

Move to a more appropriate place.

Sorry, I’m new to the community. Where would be more appropriate?

Also sorry, my message was not clear: I have moved your message to a more appropriate category. “Get Help” if only for support about ADVi3++, “Mods” is about modifications of the printer, and “Printers Stuff” is everything else.

@Zachary_Ogami-Reneau Hi, I have a Monoprice Maker Select Plus printer too. I have not been able to find the factory code, but here is a link to the Wanhao i3 Plus (same printer).

The ADVi3 software has more and better features.

Salty Doug