Extruder Upgrade Firmware Help

I upgraded (possibly not the right term because I"ve haven’t printed anything yet) to a Bondtech mini extruder assembly. The Bondtech is twice as wide as the original which is causing the stepper motor to hit the right side of the machine. How do I adjust it so that it stops before it hits? Is this somewhere in the firmware?

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I must be missing something. Where is the solution?

Hi Scott, here is the answer for you.

So you probably have to reduce a little the size of the bed in X direction. It is in Configuration.h: #define X_BED_SIZE 200 Replace 200 by something less and recompile the firmware.

I reduce mine down to 190.

I have also redesigned the front adapter for the BL touch and installed the Cii Cooler.

I have the DIII cooler on mine so there is no interference from that. Thank you for replying and helping out. I’d figured out last night how to do it from your original post. At first when I clicked on Sebastians link it took me to a different page than your post. It miraculously fixed itself last night. I have to go in and modify the firmware sometime this weekend then I should be good.

What file do I modify and what program do I use to modify it?

Instructions are here: