Extruder Stepper Motor Wobbles but Does Not Extrude

Hello, I installed the version 4.0.6 firmware, on my Monoprice Maker Select Plus v1, and have been trying to also install a Hemera hotend on it. There have been problems getting the extruder motor to work on the Hemera so I tried to plug in the default extruder motor, thermistor and heater to see if this works. So far once I am up to temperature and send an extrude command it will rotate the gear back and forth for a few seconds, it never actually extrudes forward.

I do not really know where to go from here, I have bought new cables and boards to make sure they were not defective and had the same results. I was trying to follow some advised I found to switch the two middle cables on the stepper motor side of the extruder to fix this but that ended up burning up the driver on that board, I guess it is good I had a new one already. I also tried increasing the feedrate to 409, but it still would just wobble back and forth.

I would love if anyone could give advice on how to get the Hemera working with this but really I just want to be able to use the stock hotend with this firmware, has anyone else run into this issue? Thanks in advance.

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