Extruder motor getting really hot, causing clogs... Firmware issue or something else?

So my MP Maker Select Plus has been having an annoying issue where the extruder motor gets extremely hot to the touch and about halfway through the any print it starts skipping and/or stops extruding, probably because it’s getting hot enough to soften the PLA enough to keep it from extruding neatly.

I’m not sure if it might be something not playing nice with 4.0.6 (like too much current to the extruder motor) or I’ve done something else wrong?

I’m using the CIII cooler and have a 40mm noctua fan stepped down to 12V with a buck converter on the extruder heatsink and a smoother board for the extruder motor (I’ve had this problem prior to installing the smoother board).

Any ideas?

Can you post a photo of your extruder? The front side.

Here’s some pictures of the front side. After a little more research it could be the noctua fan not spinning fast enough for some reason (I used one of the noctua fan adapter cables that might have some random resistors in it for some reason).

IMG_20200327_085227 IMG_20200327_085219 IMG_20200327_085214

Yes, I think it is your fan.

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Thanks! I figured out that I might have been underpowering the fan because I read my roommates crappy analog multimeter wrong. Let’s see how it does this time!

The grid you put in the front of your fan may also contribute to the problem.

That also could be the case. I’ll test that once I deal with the clog the overheating caused. I guess at least I have the time to do so now.

Remove the fan grill. That’s going to be stopping quite a lot of airflow.

Also I run my noctua at 14v. Increases the airflow a bit.

My extruder can get very hot. But only when my enclosure is closed. I’ve seen 65c on it and 52c on the frame before.

I actually ended up running it a couple volts over 12 for that reason, and I ended up cutting the grate out of the middle. We’ll see how it works out when I figure out the clogged mess in the nozzle, gotta wait for some nylon filament to come lol.

Why nylon?

Just heat it up and push it out with a metal rod. Or a needle from the nozzle side.

Sadly it seems there’s a particle or something that’s stuck in there. Nylon deforms a lot more under load rather than snaps like PLA, so you can use it to do a thing called a cold pull.

Basically you heat the hotend to 250 C and try to extrude as much as you can, let it cool completely then heat back to 90-120 C and slowly pull the nylon out, which will carry out any crap stuck in the nozzle. Do that a couple of times until you don’t see anything else coming out with the nylon.

Side note, super disappointed with Hatchbox PLA. It’s been pretty poorly extruded (it’s fairly kinked up so I’m sure the diameter tolerances are off) and really shittily wrapped on the spool which has caused knots a lot making me have to babysit the printer pretty much. Not using that again that’s for sure.

Oh I see.
Generally what I do in this event is change the nozzle for a new one… Haha.

I have about 50 odd brass nozzles, all different sizes. I then blast the “dirty” ones as a group with a heat gun or flame gun… Seems to clear them once left on some terps for a few days after.

Or, alternatively, buy a 0.3mm drill bit from China (ha ha), heat the nozzle up, then hand drill up into the nozzle with it still attached to the hot end.

As this discussion is not related to ADVi3++, I move it in a more appropriate category.

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