Error when Auto Leveling. “ (L,R,F,B) out of bounds”


I have been developing a Bondtech Clone Mount and Extruder for my Cocoon Create Touch. (Wanhao i3 plus) (bed width reduced to 187mm)(note I changed this in firmware)

The BLT offset is to the front and right, so x+31 & y-31.

pre-compiled firmware returns “ (L,R,F,B) out of bounds”.

If I change “ #define MIN_PROBE_EDGE 10” to 32 it works, however I’m not probing much of the RHS.

The only way I can Probe the far RHS of the bed is to keep the probe edge at 32 and tell the firmware I have a larger bed in the x axis, I.e 220mm.


  1. Is this normal??
  2. I read this is a bug, when sensor is on the RHS of nozzle??
  3. Can I set probing positions manually?


This is probably related to this:

I am working on it.

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