E3D Hemera (Hermes) Mount/Firmware Changes

Has anyone put anything together for upgrading to the Hemera extruder/hotend? Was wondering before I start down the road of doing this myself. Would save me a little time :slight_smile:

I am actually working on one. My Hermara Is supposed to arrive in 2 days. The first version will hopefully be done next week if I have time. I would also like to incorporate mounting holes to compensate for volcano hotend (i do not have one). But on the second version I will locate the specs for the volcano and incorporate it in my Fusion 360 model.

From what I see so far. If you are in a hurry, you can probably drill holes for the Hermara mount locations into the stock X-axis carriage bracket and make it work.

My goals are:

  • incorporate BLtouch mounting at best location
  • Better wire management
  • increase print height (some)
  • CII cooler compatibility
  • reduce weight
    Future goals:
  • Secondary mounting holes for longer hotend… at least volcano
  • Some type of quick (few screws) detachment component for swapping or removing extruder for maintenance.
  • LED light mounts
  • space for optional stuff to be bolted on… such as a filament run out detector or what ever

It seems like it is going to eat a lot of X without bringing it forward and losing Y. I need to take a deeper look when mine comes in Tomorrow morning


Almost done with the backplate design that I plan to use. Depending on how it turns out will tweak it and probably send it over to sendcutsend to get it cut out of aluminum.


Progress. Need to finish up some wiring and I’ll start poking around at the firmware.

Looking good. Did you just printout the Mount design? My Hermera was delayed by FedEx and will get here tomorrow.

It looks about as wide as my Flexion with a non stock, more powerful stepper I added. Hey you mind sharing your mount design?


Designed and printed the mount. Can’t use all the screw holes based on how everything aligns at the moment. I may tweak it more but so far seems ok. Still working on wiring and got side tracked with a second printer that I have a hermes already running on. Ninjaflex printed as good if not better than the flexion I used to have on my wanhao. I’ll post the stl for the backplate tonight/tomorrow. I am gonna make a thinner version to have done in aluminum. Just need to work out the screws I’ll need for that.

I posted the plate that I have been working on here for those that are interested.

well in fun news I think my X axis is shot. carriage just wobbles in place :frowning:

I’m guessing you checked the stepper connections to the board?

btw… .where did you find the fan and BLtouch bracket?

Yeah I checked stepper connections and tried a known good stepper between x and y and the problem stayed with x. I am going to move on from the wanhao board and plan on putting put a duet wifi board into it. The Hemera bl touch and fan mount are here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4015118. I feel that the bottom of the fan sits a little too low for my liking but it works for now.

Thanks Juan,

I’m sticking with the stock Wanhao board for now.

for the Hermes/Hemara mount… I’m planning on two versions… A Bolt-on with integrated belt attachment and a version that includes bering holders (a two piece unit)

– I generally work on the design during down time while I work my Job (work from home) But I am motivated to get this installed on the Wanhao. I decided not to use a Hemara on my Prusa MK3S becuse it prints perfectly as stock.

I would have stuck with the wanhao board if my x stepper didn’t die, advi3pp has been great. I thought about making a swappable head mount like I use on another printer. Would love to see what you make. Oddly enough I have an mk3s/mmu2s myself. I am debating buying a mk3 full bear kit and moving all the parts from the wanhao to that.

Still working on the adapter… work and family has been bogging me down. I also have a problem of working on two variations at the same time. One bolt-on for Wanhao and another that will hold longer bearings (y-axis size… because I have two new ones in a box).

You know… Bear frame conversion sounds fun. I have a large server cabinet I wan tot use as an enclosure. However, I would need to build an external box for the electronics.
- my idea for the current stock placement of electronics was to pull outside make-up air from the bottom, through the printer box under the heatbed.

What type of wiring changes are needed? Obviously you have to splice in the new thermistor and heater cartridge. Were there any changes to the extruder stepper wiring?(e.g. reversing the direction for the Bondtech BMG)

I have been busy and did not try the extruder. I will try tonight and see if the center two wires need to be swapped

I’ll have to leave that to Thomas because my X axis went wonky and I ended up replacing the Wanhao board with a Duet Wifi.

I got my Hemera mounted up. I haven’t wired in the thermistor or heater cartridge, but I went ahead and plugged in the extruder. using the front panel I tried to run the extruder and it didn’t move. I powered down and plugged the orginal extruter stepper back in and tried the same thing no movement. I think I may have fried the E stepper driver somehow.

Thinking back about it I was having some extrusion issues with the Hemera so to test that the problem was not the extruder I plugged it into my X axis and I thought everything was working. I guess it is possible the Hemera blew my X axis and for all I know the E on my board as well. It could be a wiring issue? At any rate I ended up replacing the board with a Duet Wifi since I am pretty familiar with the Duet boards.