Duplicator i3 Plus - Stuck on boot image after flash error


ok so this is my 2nd printer and I flashed the LCD successfully and then went on to flash the mainboard using cura.

got a flash error and the printer rebooted and is now stuck on the boot screen image…

When I plug into the PC to try and flash again I get a USB device not recognized (Device malfunction error)

Looks like there is a problem with the cable between the LCD panel and the mainboard. This (fragile) cable often moves in its sockets and the mainboard is no more able to communicate properly with the LCD panel. As a consequence, the printer reboots in a loop and you are no more able to connect to it.

I did reseat and replug the LCD cable and also reflashed the LCD with no issues. but its still stuck at loading screen image…

Its not in reboot loop just stuck with image on screen and cannot recognize usb

I think its a bad flash…

is there a way to reflash the board or reset to factory?

This is the behavior when in a reboot loop.

Yes with the ISP/SPI connector on the board.

OK just finished trying that and it flashed correctly as per video also had the error but followed video and managed to complete the flash, but the issue is still exactly the same… :frowning:

The Screen that it’s stuck on…


Flashed the board and red flashing light on board…


Can you plug a terminal to see the output of the mainboard?

not sure what you mean?

How do you flash the mainboard (the first time)? If from a PC, open a terminal on the serial port of the printer to see what is logged by the mainboard.

First time i flashed it was via Cura and it picked up the device properly via Device Manager, but now all it says is Other Devices - COM26

So I assume you are on Windows, right?
So use a Terminal like Putty and connect to the COM port, 115200 bps. You should see some logs.

no idea how to do that… :frowning:

Know how to use Putty…

I doubt that it will connect tho as its not showing a com port?

this is when i connect to USB2


This is when I connect it to USB3


Looks like you have different problems at the same time and that your driver is corrupted. This may be why the flashing of the firmware has failed and why you have problems with the printer.
You should probably uninstall the driver and reinstall it.