Duplicator I3 Plus MK2 - Z-Axis creeps up on home

I’ve not been able to level and use my printer - possibly due to an issue with the z-probe inputs.

FW: 4.0.6; Build: 200308182617; DFW: 2.2; ML: 1.1.9 (aka: ADVi3pp-Mark2-Mainboard-4.0.6.hex)

After setting the Z height from any menu option, the head automatically raises, pauses and raises again.
If I press the Z-home the head does the same: raise, pause, raise. The Z axis position end up as 0, so the head gets progressively higher.

I notice the diagnosis screen shows: Zmin/PH3 as Output; which I believe from the manual is the Input pin for the Z-Probe.

Any suggestions as to what’s going on/wrong.

Can you explain a little more: Was it working before with ADVi3++? Or you just have flashed ADVi3++ and you have this problem.
Are you sure of the model number of your printer? What is the version of your motherboard (it is written on it)?

Yes, PH3 is for the sensor (MKII only)

Just check after flashing myself a 5.4 binary and I have the same. Maybe, I have a bug in the way I detect if a pin is input or output in this I/O screen but this should not have an impact on the behavior of the printer.

Hi Andrivet,

for more context: I’d not used the printer for quite some time due to unsatisfying failed builds and decided I’d try upgrading the firmware to one with proper bed levelling and a more active firmware development.

I upgraded from ‘stock’ Wanhao to the latest available version: 4.0.6

The circuit board reads: “i3-Plus Mainboard”, “V5.4” etc.; I took some photos but saw no other numbers of significance.

When holding a metallic object under the sensor, the sensor light comes on. But no change on the diagnostics screen. The other indicators show correctly when the end-stops are reached.

when pressing the z-home button; the z-axis height numbers show: 0.00, , 4.00, -270.00, 4.00, 8.00, 0.00 in sequence with the head moving upwards.

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Which file have you used to flash the mainboard?

I used: ADVi3pp-Mark2-Mainboard-4.0.6.hex for the mainboard firmware

This is correct.

This looks like something is disconnected somewhere. Other people are using ADVi3++ with Mark II without such issue.

righto - hopefully it’ll be that simple.
I’ll try and trace the signal on the ribbon - the other end-stop signals are getting through, but if I’m the only one getting this issue clearly the problem lies at my end.

thank you for your efforts.

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