I have downloaded the 4.0.6 firmware but ca not find the hex files for mainboard and LCD. Can you please assist.

Pre-build binaries are only for supporters on Patreon.

I am a supporter since 1 May 2020. does not allow me accss even when I sign in.

As far as I can see, you are not. Have you used the same email address? If not, the system has no way to recognize you.

Yes I’ve double checked. Do you suggest I register again on both? I do not mind to contribute again

No I just said you have to use the same email address. I am not able to find your account on Patreon. I send you an email to solve this issue.

For the records: he has not registered with the same email that’s why he was not recognized by the system.

I changed your email address here and you now have access to all parts.

Thank you for the patient and kind support. I’ve uploaded the firmware and setting up now.