Cura will not connect to new board to update firmware

I got a new main board from wanhao and i am trying to install the firmware. When i connect the usb to my computer it shows up in serial coms port 3 but cura is not detecting it. there is a blue light next to the atmel chip it flashes solid than blinks fast continuously. than when i connect the usb it flashes in a few sequences and eventually ends up solid. any ideas?

Download wanhao’s version of cura on there website

Thanks for the idea I just downloaded from powerspecs website and tried to install but it still was not showing the printer. It just said please connect USB cable, device manager still shows it is plugged in in com3

Before flashing ADVi3++, is your printer with the new board working correctly? Are you able to print from USB?

And please, when you request help give some context such as your operating system, which printer you have, etc.

Sorry kinda new to this, I’m using windows with cura. And the printer is the power spec i3 plus.
I am not able to print with the printer is is not showing it is connected in cura. I also do not have the factory screen images for the lcd screen it is running advi3++ v4 i believe, so i cannot control it. is it posible i need to load a boot loader onto the board, and if so how would i go about that?

Do you install the driver, as explained here?

Yep i have tried that did not work.

What do you see exactly in Device Manager. A screenshot can help.


Here is the device manager it comes up as a serial

is it possible that the board did not come with a boot loader? when i first got the new board from ultimate 3d printing store it was flashing the firmware and about half way through it failed to flash. and it no longer showed up in cura when i plugged it in. Have you ordered new boards before and replaced them? if so did it just plug in and work, or did you have to do anything to them?

So it is correctly detected by Windows. The problem may be with Cura. It is not always detecting correctly printers on COM port. What you can try is what is explained in Alternative ways to Flash: Mainboard - Flashing using avrdude

Yes, the mainboard can be blank, without any bootloader and it may have been corrupted by a bad flashing. In this case, you have to use the SPI connector on the board and flash with either a programmer (such as Atmel ICE) or an Arduino.

If you use a terminal (such as SecureCRT, puTTY, …), do you see something on the COM port?

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i will check putty when i get a chance. if i have to re flash the bootloader how would i go about that with an arduino?

I just checed it came up on putty on com 3 it opened a terminal window with a blinking cursor.

fixed! after a few times i flashed it with arudino IDE, where it was somewhat operational, it would boot properly sometimes. Than i was able to get cura to detect it and load 4.0.3 onto the board and LCD and it seams all operational now. I just have to solder connector pins on the new mainboard to connect up my BL Touch. Thank you alot for all your help i probably would have given up a while ago.

So I read in the additional ways to flash about flashing with Arduino IDE and it says to load the Mega. I did that and then it says to open marlin but I don’t know what that is or where to find that. I am very new to all of this and know nothing about code. Please advise.

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