Cocoon Create Touch LCD No images Flashing


Currently trying to flash the LCD panel on the cocoon create touch. Using version 4.0.6 i was following the “how to flash” step by step, i inserted the micro SD card into the screen with the flashed image on it, turned the printer on, got the blue screen but now it is black with no images flashing on screen. Any thoughts?

edit: First time around i unzipped the file, realised i was not supposed to do that. I retried the flash using the ZIP file, same problem.

Have you flashed the mainboard part?

No I haven’t done the main board, I thought I had to do the LCD then Mainboard, and that the LCD images are Meant to appear.
Also thanks for your prompt response!

Yes. But as both part are depending of each other, the screens will only appear after both flashing. In fact, it is dependent of many things (the version of the firmware you had before, …)

Ahh okey, I’m going from stock CCT so I’ll do the mainboard then LCD, thanks.

So i updated the mainboard firmware via Cura, then did the touch screen, (images still didnt flash) instead when attempting to flash the LCD an “OK” in a box appears after the blue screen and then shows the CCT main menu. Clearly im doing something wrong but cant figure it out. Repeated my steps with no luck.

Can you please explain exactly what you are doing? Post also some pictures please. I do not see what this screen with the OK button is.

To be clear: first you flash the LCD panel. Then the mainboard with the right file for your printer. Then you power off / power on and the ADVi3++ animation (boat) should play.

  1. plugging the Micro SD card (with the flashed files using etcher) into the led panel.
  2. Turn on printer, Blue screen for a couple of seconds then the “OK” button (pressing that would take me to the CCT main menu)107509054_3136073776508498_6410152499827666951_n
  3. Plug in printer via USB to laptop, updating firmware with cura using the .hex file, same vesion as the LCD.
  4. Turn printer off, then on.
    I get the same OK button after step 4

being an Aldi cocoon create touch im using the 5.1 mainboard, 4.0.6 for both LCD and mainboard

You have to be more precise (which file you take, the size of your microSD, your OS, the version of Cura, …) I am not sure, but I think you have taken a wrong file to flash the LCD panel.

MicroSD card is 8GB
OS: Windows 8.1
Cura 4.6.1

while using balenaEtcher it would format the SD card to ~256MB, so this time around i tried the manual copy method, and it did cycle through the images. It did jump to that OK screen afterward. I pluged it into the Compter, updated firmware, then turned it off and unpluged it. Now i get the boot image (000_boot.bmp) followed by that OK. The files im using to flash are (for the manual method i took ADVi3pp-LCD-4.0.6 and placed the 25 controls and din files into the root of the SD Card) and ADVi3pp-Mainboard-4.0.6.hex

thanks for the help, really appreciate it!

This “OK” screen is not part of ADVi3++ so it looks like your LCD flashing does not goes properly. Is your microSD new or old? Some people do get problems with their microSD because they were corrupted.

SD card is new, bought it for this soul purpose, i do have a 16GB but ive read that it sometimes doesnt work with flashing.

Seeing as the 16G is the only other one i have, is it worth a shot? or could that have a bad repercussion.

Update: think you were right about that SD card being corrupt, i realised when i did it with the 16GB (i know its not advised) it showed more images! And now im arriving at the proper landing YEY!
Thanks for sticking with me to the end, im up and running!

In some cases, people had problem because of their anti-virus. And some microSD, even new, are of poor quality and do not work well.

Happy to know that you found a solution.