Changing printer size

just wondering if it is simple to change the print bed size in marlin firmware to up the bed size. so that the auto level will work. looking at modifying one of my printers to use a 400mm x 400mm bed. i’d like to use 5 points per axis for bed level if possible as well.

any advice would be great thanks.

In Configuration.h there is:

// The size of the print bed
#define X_BED_SIZE 200
#define Y_BED_SIZE 200

For auto bed leveling, it is certainly possible with another bed size but I never tested it. The number of points are given by:

  // Set the number of grid points per dimension.
  #define GRID_MAX_POINTS_X 3

thanks. i have to find a bigger heated bed at a price thats not worth more than my printer first, and then i’ll get to work. just wanted to see if it would work to start with. as i like these printers. and this firmware is awesome.

Can these changes be uploaded via Pronterface or similar utility?

I extended my gantry while swapping to longer rods and T8x4 screws. Can’t get Z past 180mm, about 2 inches 50-60mm short of the top of the new track.

No, this is done during the compilation.

Bummer. I’ll have to figure that out. Thanks for the reply.

Testing adding “M211 S0” to my starting GCode as a workaround. M211 (temporarily) disables software e-stops, the maximum XYZ in the absence of a physical switch. This may be a solution to me217. Be aware disabling any safety could allow dangerous movements if not careful. “M211 S1” re-enables software limits as does rebooting the printer.

250mm is as high as my new track will go; I’ll stay under 240mm for safety.