Changing BLTouch mount preset offsets(e.g. Indianagio mount)

Hi Sebastien,

I like to change the offsets for the BLtouch mounts. I’ve found settings in advi3pp_handlers.cpp with the code…

#elif defined(ADVi3PP_BLTOUCH)
{ +150, -4270 }, // Baseggio/Indianagio Front
{ -2400, -3800 }, // Teaching Tech L. Side
{ 0, 0 } // Custom

I having trouble correlating the values with the screen displayed figures. I wonder if you could show me how these values were derived.



+150 -> 1.50
-4270 -> -42.70

Thanks for the quick reply.

I feel dumb now :hot_face:. I had forgot that I had changed the default settings so couldn’t correlate the values.