Change TEMP_0_PIN 1 to 2 in firmware

Hello.I have a mark 2. Short-circuited the thermistor of the extruder. Pin 1 chip 2560 became closed to the ground and the screen temperature readings of the extruder is always 355 gr. I transferred pin 1 to pin 2 of the chip on the Board.Now I need to change TEMP_0_PIN 1 to 2 in firmware.When I do this in the program Visual Studi Code and try to collect the hex file, I get an error FAILED.How do I change the pin in the firmware???

Can you please give more information: what have you done exactly, what is the full error message, the logs, etc.

Hello.Thanks.I do this.1.In program VS Code open folder “Marlin”.Open the file “pins_i3_plus-mark2.h” and change the meaning TEMP_0_PIN from 1 to 2.Next, save the changes.3.I press the icon “Run Task” and in the task window select “PlatforIO:Build (i3plus-mark2)”.4.A message appears “Warning! env_default configuration option in section [platformio] is deprecated and will be removed in the next release! Please use default_envs instead”.Go white lines.Then the yellow.And the red text appears “Marlin/pins.h:187:52: fatal error: pins_I3_PLUS_MARK2.h: No such file or directory” and i3plus-mark2 FAILED 00:00:00.906

I found a MISTAKE!!!When I wrote the message, I saw that when compiling the program does not see the file “pins_i3_plus_Mark2.h”!!!Letters " …Mark2" does not match the word"…MARK2 " inside the file “pins.h”!!!When I fixed the file name in pins.h I GOT the FIRMWARE!!!

Now I can flash the printer.But I need to flash the screen first.How do I know the firmware version I got for the motherboard??

Thanks for reporting. Fixed in the dev branch.

It depends of which sources you have taken. If you have taken the latest sources from the master branch, it is 4.0.3.

Hello.Thanks for the answer.I flashed the Board and the screen.It was successful. The most important thing is the extruder temperature measurement WORKS!!!Changing the legs to 2560 may well be. On firmware. The Board firmware number is 4.0.3 and the screen firmware number is 0.0.0.The screen flashed ADVi3pp-LCD-4.0.3.img.Is that how it should be??

Additionally.On the tab “Versions” it is written:LCD 0.0.0 Mainboard 4.0.3 Build 191026122305 Dgus 2.2 Marlin 1.1.9

Found such an answer "Nothing wrong on your side. It is a know issue of version 4. Will be fixed in a future release."so the question is removed

For the moment, there are too few bugs to justify a release since this bug is non-blocking. But I will probably fix this next month.