Change default level locations

I have an i3 plus and just installed 4.06. When I run the manual level feature the default nozzle positions are using the edges of the bed, but I use a slightly smaller glass sheet that sits on top. So the default leveling positions go off the edge of the glass. How can I reset the edge positions to the edge of my glass instead of the edge of the bed?

This not possible without modifying yourself the firmware and recompiling.

What you need to change is in Configuration.h, around line 973:

// The size of the print bed
#define X_BED_SIZE 200
#define Y_BED_SIZE 200

// Travel limits (mm) after homing, corresponding to endstop positions.
// @advi3++: The bed dimensions of Wanhao i3 Plus is (officially) 200x200x180
#define X_MIN_POS -5.0
#define Y_MIN_POS 0
#define Z_MIN_POS 0
#define Z_MAX_POS 180

You can adjust the size of the bed and the offset. Tell me if you need more help.

Thanks. I have absolutely no idea how to recompile, where would I go to learn that? And then after this change I’d need to reflash the mainboard? Or is it the LCD?

I’m surprised this isn’t a setting - it seems like it would be a common issue for all glass bed users.



Every dynamic feature has a cost in term of memory, especially RAM and there is very few on those boards. So I have to make choices and this is not something dynamic. I received very few requests like this because most of the people want to take advantage of the whole bed. And finding a glass with the right dimensions is easy and cheap.

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