Change bedsize

I am simply trying to change the bed size in the firmware because my extruder crashes into the frame when leveling with the BL touch. It seems I have to learn to code to change this simple setting. I installed VSC and opened the configuration.h file and changed the bed size. I built the code and all the BL touch files failed. I have no idea what to do! Is there not a simpler way to change the bed size? I think taking a hack saw to my printer is the next best step. Thanks for any help
Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 5.31.10 PM

It looks like your problem is not the bed size (you have not changed the bed, right?) but the position of the BLTouch. Do you set it in Settings / Sensor? If it is incorrect here, it may crash of the frame.

For the errors you see, please give more details (like the errors messages).

I have not changed the bed but I do have an aftermarket extruder, thus the loss in the X direction. It is okay for now, I am going to do a hardware modification to get the full bed size back. Thanks for your help.