Cartridge heater upgrade on wanhao i3 plus

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I would like you to post it to those who are familiar with circuits.
I am thinking of upgrading the cartridge heater of wanhao i3 plus, but if I change the heater from the original 24 v 40 w to 24 v 50 w, is there no problem with the capacity of the circuit?

I would be honored if you could tell me.

Difficult to answer for sure. What I can say is that the PSU is a MEAN WELL LRS-200-24, 24V 8.8A, 115 Vac or 230 Vac.

But not sure the cables and the interface board (behind the printer) is rated for 50W. It is an increase of 25%.

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You’re right.
It is a very difficult problem because I don’t know the margin of the control board at all.

I am currently preparing to replace my i3 from the hot end to the extruder, and I am wondering if I should buy a new one at 50 w because the cartridge size will change with the change.

As was already mentioned, it is difficult to say for sure. The Power Supply should be able to handle the increased load without issues. The big question comes down to the board itself, in particular, the daughterboard and ribbon cable that the Heater plugs into.

It will probably work without issues, but YMMV. If you really want to do this upgrade you could always utilize an external Mosfet to drive the heater core directly from the power supply. This would require some additional wiring and of course the MOSFET. At that point, you would need to make the determination to if it was worth the effort or not.

Thanks to your reply, I understood the contents.
As a precaution, I would like to update at 40 w and then consider whether it is really necessary or not.

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I have been running a 50 W heater on a stock Wanhao I3 Plus for about 6 months no without any problems. Although it would be best to run it through a MOSFET as cheap insurance against burning up your stock board.

Thank you for letting me know that you have been using the 50 w cartridge for half a year.

The part to be changed is still in transit and has not arrived.
I will make a trial and error based on the information you told me until it arrives.

Thank you, everyone. :slight_smile: