Cant Seem to Flash LCD

Hi all, I’m a complete noob at this but am going through the documentation. I have a monoprice maker select plus and am trying to flash the LCD.

I copied the image onto a micro SD as per the documentation, inserted into the LCD slot and powered on. The images go by one by one, then it stops at a picture of a printer. I waited an hour and nothing else seems to be happening.

I then power off the printer, remove the SD card and power on. I seem to get a home screen but none of the buttons work.

Any help would be appreciated.

UPDATE: I googled around a bit and found that apparently the LCD wont work correctly until the firmware is updated in the printer itself.

Which brings me too…

I cant seem to get a connection from cura to my printer via usb, anyone know how to get this working??

UPDATE2: Ok, I uninstalled the COM port drivers, downloaded and installed Arduino and installed the drivers, then a quick (haha) windows update and my printer is now connected.

I installed the mainboard update, the LCD is working fine now…

…However… I’m getting a message on the LCD… “The EEPROM settings are not compatible…”

Is this normal or should I be concerned, it advises to retune which I was planning to do anyway.

If you do not update the firmware of the printer (mainboard), the old firmware is not aware of the new screens and it does not work.

Please give more information like you operating system, version, have you already connected the printer through USB, etc.

Thanks for your response. I realize now the mainboard firmware needs to be flashed as well. The problem is I cant seem to get my printer connected via USB. I’m using windows 10.

Have you tried what I explain here ?