Cant get advi3pp to work on my Wanhao i3 plus

Hi. I’ve tried several times, versions and micro sd cards. Cant get it to work :flushed: When i try to connect printer to Repetier Host, I get this in terminal: image My Lcd looks like this. image

I really need some help!

You have to explain (in details) what you have done. Without information, I can’t help.

This last time, I format my Micro Sd with sd formater on windows 10. Sucsessful format at Fat 32 on a 8gb card. Wrote the 4.0.6 lcd img zip file to the sd via etcher. Plugged the card in my lcd and power up the printer. Every pics looks good, but at the end it goes into the screen uploaded on the pic in my post. I power off my printer, remove the card and power it back on, the screen boots up in the same weird pic and stay there.

What is that?

This looks wrong.

Please be more precise and explain exactly, step by step what you have made. You made something wrong or your micrSD card is corrupted and because of that, you have corrupted your LCD panel. Try with another microSD and please, follow exactly what is described in the User Manual.

Any news?

Yes. I formatted my lcd screen and installed everything. Now it works perfectly😊

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