Can I use Z endstop with the i3 Plus?

So my BLTouch pin is broken, and due to Covid lockdown the postal service is failing miserably and I am tired of waiting. Can I reconnect and wire up the Z endstop back in, so that I can at least manual bed level it to work?

Yes. But you have to flash the right firmware (for printers without BLTouch)

I have a BLTouch version 2 that doesnt work, no self test, you are welcome to it for the pin, are you in Melbourne?

Yes I am - in Mount Waverley, where are you?

Hi clarence i am in flemington, but in retrospect I spoke too soon. It is proving harder to find in my workshop than I thought. I bought mine from Aurum the Antclab dealer down your way for $75 delivered, why not ask them for a pin or look on ebay for a clone and just use the pin.

I actually ordered one from Aurarum, thanks to Australia Post it’s been in transit with no updates since the 3rd :frowning:

If its any consolation mine took 2 weeks