Can i calibrate the z-height on a MK2?

Hello Sebastien,

I recieved my nem Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus MK2.
I flashed my LCD with the ADVi3++ version 4.0.6. and updated the mainboard with the firmware 4.0.6. MK2.
When i level my bed manual i get it perfect. But when i start the leveling again it begins 1.18mm above my card. 1
When i level automatic it fails.
when i level again manual and set the bed perfect and i do a print test it starts again 1.18mm above the right position.

Is it possible to set the bed manual and then calibrate those settings?
Or what could be te problem?
Everything is brand new…


Have you tried your printer with the stock firmware before flashing ADVi3++ ? Have you followed the procedure described by Wanhao to adjust the height of the sensor ?

Hi Sebastien,

Sorry for the late answer…
No i did not tried it with the stock firmware.
I directly flashed with the ADVi3++ but i think its ok now.
I did the same procedure as discribed by Wanhao on the ADVi3++ and i think its ok now.
Now i have to calibrate the extruder i think, it looks like the extruder wants to give more filament than can pass thru the nozzle.You can hear the wheel skip on the filament… like tak tak tak.

So i’ll gonna try to measure 12cm like discribed. I’ll hope its gonna work.

Tnx for your great work!!!