Broken glass bed, again

To inaugurate this new topic, here is what happened yesterday after printing a case for my new Raspberry Pi 4: the glass bed broke.



There is a chunk of glass on the printed part and a big hole in my bed! In fact, this is the second time (in ~ 2 years) it happened. And yes, it is a borosilicate glass.

I think the problem is due to the the way I am fixing the glass to the aluminum bed: I use thermal adhesive pads. And probably, it makes too much constrains on the glass when the bed is heated and them cooled.

So I have ordered a new borosilicate glass and and will try to fix it this time with simple clips.

I made the step to Wham Bam. It is pretty expensive but works pretty good. You do have to keep the bed on 70 degrees though. Otherwise your print gets loose.

I’m using a 200x200 thermal silicone sheet which works pretty well (as I had one too many collisions / issues with the clips) and have a sheet of Printbite on top of the glass too. Because I have a Mk2 I needed to keep the sensor working which I did like this:

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I’ve been using an Ultrabase from Anycubic.
This is held to the print bed by brackets that have magnets installed.
This has worked well for me.
I have had the same issue with the glass sticking too well to the printed part on my older CTC printer.
Not sure what caused it, but it was a good a adhesion to the print bed :slight_smile: