Both Temperatures are reading -15

After upgrading to 4.0.3 my printers temperatures (both hot end and bed) are displaying -15 degrees and will not move. I have checked all of the connections and they are secure. I have tried re flashing the firmware back to different revisions and current but the issue is still there. I am out of ideas other than replacing the main board. any thoughts?

This is a hardware issue. -15 means that the motherboard reads 0 (or near 0). Maybe, the dupont connectors are damaged.

I have just re checked all of the connections, and took out the board and it all looks normal. i unplugged each temp sensor individual and the heater and booted but the -15 is still there. The daughter board looks good and the ribbon cable too. could it be a chip since both of the sensors started reading -15 at at the same time?

Yes, it looks like it is something like that.

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Ok ill get a new board ordered and see if that’s the problem. Thank you for all the help.

(edit: disregard. Pulled and reseated all (heretofore still hotglued) connections, then reflashed. All seems well now :confused: )