Bontech extruder motor colliding with x axis support on right side


I have an Aldi Cocoon Create and am using the Teaching Tech side mount for my Smart BL touch.

My current firmware is 4.0.0

I upgraded the extruder to a Bondtech, and am having the issue that every time the auto level is run the extruder motor hits the sidebar on the X-axis.

Is there a way for me to slightly reduce the movement on the x-axis to avoid the collision, by altering the firmware in G-code.

Thanks for your assistance.

For my knowledge, can you share a link with to this Boundtech you bought?

On which side?

Hi Sebastien,

Here is the link for the Bondtech extruder.

The driver motor gets pushed to the right side more than when using the stock extruder. So when the auto level gets to the right side of the x-axis the drive motor is now hitting the Z-axis frame.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Many thanks


So you probably have to reduce a little the size of the bed in X direction. It is in Configuration.h:

#define X_BED_SIZE 200

Replace 200 by something less and recompile the firmware.

Hi Sebastien,

Just wanted to let you know that I successfully modified the X_BED_SIZE 200 and brought it down to 190.

I know have a fully functioning printer.

Many thanks


What file did you modify and what program did you use to modify it? Arduino?

HI Scott I used Visual Studio Code. This is the prefered program and it’s free.



Yes, I highly recommend platform IO and Visual Studio Code.