BLTouch3 one side lower than other

Hello i installed a BLTouch3 and it seams like one side of the bead is always lower than the other. the left and middle side of the bed prints perfect but the right is always way to close to the bead to the point where it is dragging the print head. I have leveled my bed to make it as flat as possible and checked all of the connections multiple times and reset z height and it still crashes. Any ideas?

Very common question:

Ok. Thank you i will check the alignment of the printer once i get a chance.

This is caused by an alignment issue in the X-Axis.
If you compare the left side of the bars with the base (not the bed as this can be warped) using a set square and then the same for the right side, you will find a very small difference.
It is this difference that’s causing the issue.
I found that the application of some pressure can be used on one side to re-align the two X-Axis bars and this then eliminates the error you are getting.
In my case,the twist this causes on the X-Axis rails caused the printer to thing the head was closer on the right side, so ABL would raise the nozzle on the right causing prints to fail.
Correction of this issue now results in perfect prints every time :slight_smile:


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What rails did you have to align? i have squared off the gantry frame, and made sure the x carriage is level to the rails to the bed. And the one side is still printing high. are you re aligning the rails for the bed or the rails on the x carriage for the print head?

Very hard to explain in words alone, so here is a video explaining it, Just recorded it for you :slight_smile:

I do apologize about the camera work, I was hand holding the camera.



Thank you! that fixed it. i kinda thought that’s what you meant, but i was not putting enough pressure, because i was not sure.

Glad I could help.
I have also uploaded some other videos that may help as well.

After the success I had with the Cocoon Create Touch using ADVi3++ I also added a BLTouch to a CR10S5.
After that I really do apreciate the far better way of adjusting the Nozzle Z-Height in the ADVi3++ firmware.
It’s much easier with this firmware than with the default method.
Sebastien Andrivet has done a great job on this part. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your explanation @Ray_Edgley! Your post made me realize that this issue might had something to do with my z-braces, and I fixed it by altering the z-braces slightly!

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