BLTouch3 Fail (plz halp! - video included)

Just installed my bltouch3 and advi3++, but for the life of me can not get a good print! Am I doing something wrong?

Ripping (what hair I have left) out over this. Was working (pretty) well prior to bltouch just got sick of levelling.

I removed the z-min and springs from bltouch (as I thought they might be causing issues). I manually heated and adjusted the bltouch left hand mount to try and eliminate possible discrepancies.

start/end gcode:

cura model:

filament: 1.75mm PLA+3D

model: Cocoon Touch 2.1

temperature: 110c

firmware: ADVi3pp-BLTouch3-Mainboard-4.0.3.hex

extruder: microswiss Lever & Extruder Plate

hot end: microswiss All Metal Hotend (0.4mm)

IMG_20191015_162608 IMG_20191015_162552 IMG_20191015_162416

I don’t understand well what you are doing. From what I see, the hotend was too high. And there is no need to use a calibration part for the BLTouch. It is also possible that you have some cabling problems between the BLTouch and the mainboard and thus a wrong measurement of the height of the hotend.

A couple of things my eye caught, one - your auto level bed mesh values are crazy skewed, a 2 mm variance between two corners (at least imo) is wayyyy to much. Do a normal manual level first then rerun the auto level, and make sure your bed is preheated to whatever temp you plan on printing with, since it changes a lot from when its room temp… Two - I can’t really tell from the vid, but by the time the filament clumps up under the printhead and rolls off the plate, it doesn’t seem like there should have been that much filament extruded yet, so if you aren’t, make sure there isn’t any filament that has oozed out while the nozzle heated up, and hanging from it right as it starts. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to look into printing some bed spring stabilizers so you get less of the crooked/wobbly springs. I modified a model on thingiverse because I liked the two piece model, but hated how the top didn’t sit within the bottom, which caused it to spin and it was pointy af, and I was tired of it lightweight stabbing my finger while leveling the bed (pre-BLT that was). If you want I can upload it if you don’t see any that you think you would like thats already in the site.

@Printaholic5000 is right. Auto bed leveling is used to compensate small differences that occurred over time. Not big ones. So it is recommended to make a manual leveling once and then rely on the ABL.

I GOT IT WORKING!!! Turns out my extruder gears decided to poop out at the exact same time I upgraded to ADVI3++. Really happy with the new firmware and genuinely appreciate your time and help replying and development in general.

I first tried without the calibration part, but when I couldn’t get it to print good - I started resorting to desperate measures.

that makes a lot of sense!!! I replaced my extrusion gear, did a manual level and then rocked out BL calibration and now we are rollllling strong!

Glad you got everything straitened out! You’ve peaked my curiosity though… What did you mean by your extruder gears popped out?

the gears just shit themselves and were stripped.