BLTouch v3.1 Wiring

I could not find this topic, so I hope I am not repeating…
The BLTouch v3.1 wire colors mean nothing. I smoked the first one. Instead please note the pins. Looking at the BLTouch pins from left tor right
1 = Ground
2= VCC 5v
4= Ground
5= z min

My colors were as follows,
1= white
2= black
3= yellow
4= blue
5= red
Got my monoprice maker select plus all upgraded. Thank you for all your work!

Can you post a picture of your BLTouch?


Just check my 3.1 and the colors are correct. Your connector does not look like an original, different from mine and from BLTouch we site. Where do you buy it? Directly from Antclabs? From a reseller?

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Amazon, it was advertised as a cr10 leveling kit. It was one of the best priced, with an official sensor

OK so it was not from an official reseller (the exhaustive list is on antclabs web site). They have probably use a non standard connector. All official BLTouch have a connector with the same colors than I described in my guide. Is your BLTouch itself genuine? Maybe not, especially if the price was low.

I recommend to always buy directly from Antclabs:

This is their official store.

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Why not compare the cable you have with a picture of the bltouch from the official site and match the signals that way? That’s exactly what I did (I bought the same kit you did and then used a third party cable afterwards that came with a clone that I bought as a spare, to extend the cable as the ones that come with the bltouch are stupidly short). Before everyone gets upset and starts waving their hands about clones, my bltouch was verified genuine using antclabs website.

There are counterfeit with a “valid” serial number and QRcode. Antclabs makes its best to track those, but it is just a number and a database on Antclabs side.

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I think the issue here is that the cr10 kit was just bundled with a different coloured longer cable. Mine was. Now if he’s bought a clone then that’s his problem of course…