BLTouch unable to do automatic bed leveling: it stops when reaching the 1st leveling point

Description of the problem

  • You can z-home (after homing X and Y): the BLTouch goes to the center, deploys its pin, goes down, detects the bed and retracts.
  • The problem appears (in particular), when you use automatic bed leveling:
    • The BLTouch homes as before (X, Y and then Z)
    • Then it tries to reach the first leveling point
    • It stops entirely and just sits there. No movement, nothing


  • Your sensor settings are wrong and need to be adjusted
  • Go to Settings / Sensor and adjust your X and Y offsets. To get the right values, you may have to measure them as described in the schema on the screen
  • If you are using the recommended sensor supports, you just have to select the right one

See: New BLTouch user unable to home