BLTouch Probes to far forward and not far enough back

Hey All,

Like the topic says my BLTouch is probing the bed to far forward (off the bed) and not far enough to the rear (just south of center) of the print bed. I’m pretty sure there is a simple fix I am overlooking but, I don’t see anything in the menus for changing where on the bed it probes. The only thing that I have changed on this setup is the bracket that holds the BLTouch, it’s the same one as the last one just changed the material to PETG from PLA, didn’t even need to remove the probe from the printer to swap the brackets out. I can post a video if its needed. Thanks in advance!!

Looks like you have not set the position of the probe is Settings.

I will double check that as soon as I get home, thank you. If that doesn’t work I’ll take a video, I’m not very good with words so maybe it will help, if I still need assistance.

UPDATE: after re-selecting the correct mount the probe is back to where it was before I changed brackets, so working. It’s still to far forward but, I think if I move the end stop it will position the bed and probe as intended. Thank you for the help!!