BLTouch misses the bed

I just finished installing a BLTouch v3 on my MonoPrice Maker Select Plus. I used this support to mount it.

How do I compensate for the offset the support introduces along the X axis? When I try to performing auto-leveling, it completely misses the bed due to the BLTouch being so far left of the nozzle. The nozzle goes to the edge of the bed, so the probe hits nothing but air.

I saw mentions of modifying a file within the source code and recompiling but that sounds a little daunting. I wasn’t able to find a comprehensive guide on how to do it, but it seems like anyone with a BLTouch and this printer would have the same issue, so why it wasn’t mentioned in the instructions or why people aren’t talking about it more is beyond me… maybe I did something wrong?

Any help would be appreciated!

Settings / Sensor and you either choose a predefined position or choose the last one Custom and adjust the positions.

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D’oh! Thank you!