Blower fan has to be manually put on

HI, I just flashed ADVi3++ on to my Wanhao i3 duplicator plus and now when I print the blower fan on the front does not come on automaticaly. I use Cura for slicing and the setting for cooling is still ticked and is ment to come on. In order to start the fan I have to manualy put it on in the settings while printing.
Can someone please advise what the issue may be?

Strange. This should not change anything regarding the fan. Can you share the gcode so I can try to reproduce the issue?

Hi, Yeah I can share the gcode. This was the last model I printed. Also trying to fix ghosting.
WDI3P_3DBenchy.gcode (4.7 MB)

I nothing strange in your gcode. The commands to start the fan a 50% then at 100% are there. I will try to print your model myself to see what is happening.

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