BL touch with i3-plus mainboard V5.4 - where to connect the Z-Probe

Hello & good evening
I am getting really confused about installing the BL touch to my i3 plus.
I have a mainboard with the version i3-Plus Mainboard V5.4.
There is no Z-Probe 3-pin connector.
Only a Z-Min on the flat-cable.
Where should I now connect the wires exactly?
I am so done…

Bye & thank you

Can you give more information: Do you have a Mark II printer (model number In this case, you already have a sensor, already connected, right?

Yes there is already the sensor, the inductive one.
My first idea was to take the sensor out and use the wires to connect to the BLtouch.
It is officially a Wanhao i3 plus (not a Mark II) but with the Mark II board. Thats the confusing thing
When I am back at home I can give you some more Infos. On the board there is only a ZMin going into the flat cable.
Bye and thank you Fabian

If you have a 5.4 mainboard and an inductive sensor, it is a mark II. I have not made a firmware for Mark II and a BLTouch and I will probably not doing such firmware. If you replace your inductive sensor by a BLTouch, you will probably burn your BLTouch and maybe the mainboard (inductive sensor is 24v, BLTouch is 5v). DO NOT DO THAT.

Hi thanks for your reply.
Will the ADVi3 work with Mark II?
If yes, what about a try with a DC - DC voltage regulator from 24V down to 5V or 3.3V?
Could that work?
Or should I leave the sensor and just flash the Firmware?

ADVi3++ 4.0 is compatible with Mark II. Be sure to flash the right binary (it is explained in the instructions). If your printer was modified, I can’t be sure. For your DC-DC voltage regulation question, I don’t know.

Okay I will do that and lauter maybe give them a try…
Thank you