BL Touch ver 2 self test failing and continually flashing red, 3.0.2 firmware

Using Cocoon Create Touch with 3.0.2 software, BL Touch is ver 2.0 for the past few days it has been flashing continually but still working. Yesterday it no longer does self test on power up, continually flashes red and no longer levels, it moves away from Home and then stops.
Also when in other settings like sensor level it moves approx 2cm then stops and says level fail.
On manual level none of the buttons 1-5 would respond.
I did a factory reset and that made no difference, though once it would do one stroke of self test then stop and started flashing.
I have checked voltage at red/gnd and there is 5.05v [approx] at white/black there is also voltage of 4.12v approx, black is on far right pin white on inside.
I reflashed the 3.0.2 firmware and that made no difference, except now I have some levelling ability but continual flashing still from the BL Touch.
The BL Touch may be faulty or the 3.0.2 firmware may have an issue , not sure, I have just become a patron so will download the latest 4.0.6.

How can I test if the BL Touch itself is faulty?

I am not good with code so would need really clear instructions, if that is needed.
I have sent email to supplier in Australia and to manufacturer in Korea [ antclabs] incase they have any information.
Looking forward to talking to others who may or may not be in lockdown, we are in Melbourne and so locked down for 6 weeks.
Thanks for any help you can give me, have been using the ADVi3 software for a while and glad I made the change.

If your printer was working flawlessly for a while then get some issues, I doubt it is due to the firmware. It looks like a hardware fault (BLTouch or mainboard).

You can look at the manual below. It is for Smart Version 3.0 but it has some troubleshooting information that are also valid for Smart version 2.0 (look at “Blue & Red LED”):

Thanks for the quick reply, I will try a few more things, and as I said in my post I have reflashed the 3.0.2 firmware and have more control of levelling now, that is the screen is responding to input. I will have to install 4.0.6 today or tomorrow and see if that helps me. thanks again

well I have installed 4.0.6 and of course it made no difference, i have put the S160 command into the start g-code as per instructions, it made no difference. I have soldered the signal wire to the pin, again no difference. When the printer is powered up i can hear the BL touch trying to cycle but not having any effect. I have removed the probe, the magnet is still attached, cleaned it and placed it back, still no difference.
Not sure what step is next, except replacing the BL touch, do you agree?

Yes it looks like a defective BLTouch. Once you install a new BLTouch (will probably be a version Smart 3.1), be sure to flash the right mainboard part (BLTOUCH3).

Yes I think you are right, I have tried many ways to pop it out so new one is on the way. I assume there are setup settings, its not just plug and play, for the Cocoon create touch with 4.0.6?
I have forgotten the basics of setting up a printer, its age related. Is there a basic guide from initial power up to first print? Or am I just dreaming? Ha!
thanks again

What do you mean? To setup the printer or related to ADVi3++?

That was very vague of me sorry. probably in relation to ADVi3++ in particular with the new BLtouch ver3. I can see the LCD screen guide, so I will look for any youtube links and do some googling unless you have something better, lockdown here is Australia gives me the time. cheers

Do not follow YouTube guides. Most (all?) are for old versions of ADVi3++ or are simply wrong. Please follow instead the guide:

hey thanks for that link I had seen it once before then lost it and searched high and low for it. that should make things a lot easier.
One question though on the new screen there is a heading ‘diagnostics’ what is it diagnosing and what can be done with it. thanks again

It’s explained in the User Manual:

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I see you are forcing this old dog to keep learning, thanks

One last for the day, I have flashed the 4.0.6 firmware version 3 BLtouch but i have not installed the BLtouch yet, still coming from distributor, but I cant do any manual levelling, the head moves to the centre and says homing in progress but just sits there, the same for Z height. Is that because the BLtouch that is still connected is the faulty one, and I should just wait till the new one arrives? Thanks again

You have to install the firmware corresponding to the hardware you have. You can’t mix a BLTouch 3 firmware with a BLTouch that is not version 3.0 or higher. Also, since your BLTouch looks like defective, it can’t work.

thats what i figured hopefully the new one will arrive tomorrow and then i can get back to normal, thanks again Sebastien

Hello Sebastien yay my bltouch arrived today and after a quick z height adjustment it is printing again , so far so good. I went looking for the 20mm cube test but it doesnt seem to be there anymore or was that no longer needed for this version of advi3? I havent done any other tuning yet just happy to be printing. thanks again

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thanks Eric I have a similar one now, is there a setting like on previous versions where you can adjust the x,y,z, settings after printing a cube? I am using 4.0.6. thank you

This is explained in the documentation (why it was removed):


This cube can be used to tune your slicer. Not to be used for tuning Advi3pp.

– Eric

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